March 30, 2011

Under Construction

I've tried not to leave too much lumber in the yard, and to keep a clear path to the front door, but I've been remodeling practically everything about this site, so let me apologize in advance if there's dangling links or things that don't quite match up. I will always answer email promptly, if you have any questions about my practice, or about the site!

I plan to add a page of massage resources, with a global section and a section local to Portland. And also to start reviewing massage books here on the blog, at least one per quarter. Any suggestions for any of these things gratefully entertained. I won't post a link to anything I haven't looked into myself,though, so don't expect me to slap up a link or a reference right away on your say-so. Raw information is more a curse than a blessing, in the age of the internets, and anyway, that's what Google and Bing are for.

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