March 15, 2011

Why More for Two or More Massages?

Sometimes people want to split the $90 two hour massage between two (or even more) people, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to want. As you can see from the rates, I don't do that. Massage isn't a by-the-hour thing for me. Doing two one hour massages takes a lot more out of me than doing one two-hour massage. If I do two back-to-back massages usually I've pretty well shot my bolt for that day. Plus I don't really like doing massages that short. So that's why the pricing for multiple massages stands where it does. I'm still figuring this one out, so it may change.

I also get people asking about three or even more. Jury's still out on this, and I don't really know what to charge. It turns into something less like individual massage and more like a party, which is fun, if tiring. Just a different thing altogether. I don't know. Make me an offer.

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