April 21, 2012

Five More Clients

I want about five more clients. I imagine writing fan letters to fifty Portlanders I admire, enclosing gift certificates. Super-targeted marketing. Would that net me my five? Or even one? I've been putting off advertising again, it's such a tiresome business, and I haven't needed to for a couple years. You get spoiled when that happens.


  1. I think that's a great way to at least generate some interest. At the very least one of them will know someone who is looking for a great LMT.

  2. And in any case, I'll have written them a thank-you note for being awesome, so it will be time well spent anyway :-)

  3. Marly Youmans told me about you.. I volunteer ;)

  4. I have a client who has a son in the Portland area......I will be giving your number out today all the way f rom Minnesota!! Blessings~ Great blog!!