October 20, 2013

Lines, Gleams, and Shadows

You know, if your body disgusts you now, it will disgust you after you've lost 20 pounds, after you've toned your abs, after you've developed your glutes. If you can't see your body as an extraordinary feat of biology, by virtue of being alive and having got you here, as having risen to amazing demands upon it, as being warm living flesh wonderfully reassuring to touch, and as creating heartbreakingly beautiful lines, gleams, and shadows – right now – then my advice would be, fix that problem first. And it's relatively easy to fix. Really. Just go out and practice. Look at people, touch them if that's allowed in your culture, and practice thinking about how wonderful they are, how much you enjoy their skin, their hair, their grace of movement. Practice. You don't need to carry this poisonous judgmental attitude one step further. Just drop it now. It will never serve you. Never. It's not keeping you from "going to pot." It's just a cup of media-stirred poison. Don't drink that crap.


  1. This is pretty much verbatim just a Facebook rant; I don't even remember what I was responding to. But so many people liked it I thought I'd post it here.

  2. I agree with Sabine; you rant well.

    Thanks for the wise words. As I "battle" to lose weight, it is easy to forget that my body rarely gives me any problems...

  3. Just found your blog via a linked comment from a friend, and WOW! I love your writing! And the attitude and sense you are doling out in glorious dollops. I'll be back for more :)

    1. The world is full of people willing to criticize your every blemish. I'll let them do what they do. I am more facinated by the healing and detox process than the lack of perfection. I learned to love my body after 2 brain tumors, crainiotomies, and strokes to follow. Unblemished bodies have yet to be tested. Mine's blemished, tested, and a stronger wonder than I knew! Thanks!

  4. awesome. More please.

  5. Gratitude is, once again, the answer. I've given birth four times, and each time I have been amazed - A.M.A.Z.E.D. - at what this body can do. Grow another human! Give to it the light of day! Even beyond baby-making, when I think about the miles my legs have carried me, the comfort my arms have given others, the breathtaking sights my eyes have taken in, the tastes my tongue have enjoyed. I could go on and on. Our bodies truly are amazing in their function ... and now I want to learn to appreciate their form, as well.
    {an old post I wrote on the topic: http://buretachi.blogspot.com/2011/09/why-i-love-my-body.html}