Dale is a kind, wise, gentle healer. He creates a warm and safe environment; I left our session fully relaxed and rejuvenated. I can't wait for my next massage!

Sage Cohen

Dale really makes bodywork an art. Since getting pregnant, I've become extra protective of my body both physically and energetically and he is one of the few folks I trust to work on me. He really is one of the most conscious, thoughtful LMT's out there, bringing the body gently back into balance. I never realize just how much I needed the massage until I get off of his table.

Tele Darden, LMT, mama-to-be

Dale's gift is that he knows enough to let his strong and sensitive hands find the work, not his head. There are usually trouble spots -- shoulders, lower back -- but the others are sometimes hard to recognize until these magic hands find them.


A massage with Dale is like a two week vacation; soothing and relaxing. I appreciate Dale's professional manner; I feel very comfortable with him, his massage technique and his quiet humor. It is fantastic to have Dale come to my home since I can relax after a massage instead of driving home.

Marian McDonald

My massage from Dale was glorious. I came away from it feeling aligned (in ways I hadn't realized I'd been mis-aligned) and two inches taller than I'd been before. He is attentive, talented, and kind. If I could afford to fly cross-country with regularity, I'd be perennially knocking on his studio door.

Rachel Barenblat (in Massachusetts, alas!)

I found Dale to be not only a technically skilled masseuse, but he was also respectful and careful in a way that made me immediately comfortable. He is knowledgeable, warm and kind.

J Tamang, Portland, Oregon

Dale gives a deep massage, without feeling invasive or uncomfortable--a result of both his technical expertise and his professionalism. For me, the added benefit of receiving the massage at my home (and not having to drive afterwards) can't be overstated.

Kathleen Benz

Dale is a compassionate and caring massage therapist....I always feel completely rested after a session with him. I have spent a while working with Dale as a fellow student and massage therapist and recommend him to anyone looking for a deeply relaxing experience.

Andrea Klingle, LMT

I love Dale's massages- he creates a strong sense of safety and calm. His massages leave me feeling nurtured and at peace.


Dale has a wonderfully gentle touch. Usually, the day after I have received a massage, I experience a lot of physical pain and body soreness. I was delighted and relieved to discover such was not the case after my massage with Dale! Aaaaaah :-)

Cheri A.